Martha McCarthy

Martha McCarthy

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Martha Continues to Make Progress from her Hip Surgery

In June 2016 Martha underwent major hip reconstruction surgery. It has taken many months of hard work for Martha to recover from the operation but at a recent visit to see her orthopaedic consultant he was pleased that Martha was making good progress and she has now started being able to bear some weight in "free standing". Martha still has a long way to go to get back to full pre-op strength but we hope over time that she will be able to help with transfers and take some steps with support.

In our quest for equipment to help with her rehabilitation and daily physiotherapy, we were asked by Vida Global to trial a new piece of equipment called the Innowalk at a therapy conference in November. The device was designed in Norway and is commonly used by children there with disabilities as part of their daily physio routine. The Innowalk looks rather like a Cross Trainer but has a built in motor which provides assisted, guided and repetitive movement for the user in an upright, weight-bearing position. The movement of the legs in the Innowalk is similar to normal gait and it allows flexion and extension of the hip, knee and ankle joints. 

Martha walking in the Innowalk at the conference

Martha did incredibly well during the trial session and the physiotherapists at the conference were all blown away by how well she tolerated the movement. After just 12 minutes in the device, Martha’s usually tight ankle joints were flexible and the therapists all agreed that the equipment would be beneficial for Martha.

Having access to a piece of equipment like this would really benefit Martha and her recovery. Martha's family are about to start actively looking at how we can make this possible in the near future.

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