Martha McCarthy

Martha McCarthy

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Martha Working Hard to Overcome Her Epilepsy

Martha recently saw her epilepsy consultant and had a seizure during the appointment. This allowed the consultant to observe Martha's seizures at first hand and the consultant was able to make an even more specific diagnosis of Martha's complex seizure type.

Martha is now on a combination of drugs to try and get her epilepsy under control. Unfortunately at the moment this hasn't had the desired affect and Martha is still having multiple seizures per day which is continuing to have a significant impact on her.

Martha takes crushed up tablets and "chronospheres"  that we have to "hide" in her food as Martha refuses to take liquid medication and is very skilled at spitting it our if forced to take it. Martha takes her medication twice daily, which makes her breakfast and dinner routine just that little bit more stressful.

Martha's current Epilepsy Medication
Martha is also now having to deal with the side effects of the new medication (Clobazam) which is making her very drowsy at certain times of day which is impacting her ability to take an active part in school and home life.

We are very much hoping that this settles down soon and that Martha sees the benefits of her medication in a reduced number of seizures.

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