Martha McCarthy

Martha McCarthy

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Martha Gets Her Very Own Eye Gaze

Martha now has her very own Tobii Eye Gaze computer. This is a specialised tablet computer from Sweden with built in eye tracking hardware and software to allow Martha to operate the computer with only her eyes. After successfully trialling this system at the end of 2013 we are now extremely please that Martha has her own computer to use at school and at home. Martha has started the long process of learning now to use the computer by playing games such as looking at pictures on the screen to cause an action to happen.

Martha using her new Tobii Eye Gaze computer at home
In time, Martha will progress to being able to make choices, let us know what she wants and how she is feeling through the device. It will also allow Martha to access parts of the National Curriculum that she currently can’t access due to her lack of verbal communication and limited gross and fine motor skills.  When given a limited choice of nursery rhymes Martha has already shown us that she has a particular favourite in “Miss Molly has a Dolly”...!!!

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