Martha McCarthy

Martha McCarthy

Monday, 18 November 2013

Martha Trials New Eye Gaze Computer

Martha has been trialling a new eye gaze computer at school that tracks her eye movements and can tell where on the screen she is looking. This allows Martha to operate the specialist computer software totally independently just with her eyes.

Martha painting a picture with the eye gaze computer
At the moment Martha is getting used to using the computer and can do things like make simple choices (e.g. which nursery rhyme she would like to hear), open doors to see what animal is behind them if she maintains her gaze on the door for three seconds and splats custard pies in peoples faces if she looks at them - one of Martha's favourites.

Martha will trial the eye gaze computer until the end of the month and we will then start discussing with the school if we can get one for Martha to use full time.

Watching Martha use the eye gaze computer is amazing and it should make a huge difference in the way Martha can communicate with the world around her.

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